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B00112 - Vandenburg Volley Gun Bullet
Sorry, this item is no longer available!

Item Number: B00112

Item Title: Vandenburg Volley Gun Bullet

Price: $245

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Type: Vandenburg Volley Gun Bullet



MM#: 159


Location Recovered: Fort Fisher, NC area

Description:I acquired this bullet 15 or more years ago from Emmert Elsea out of Loudon County, VA. Emmert was an early bullet collector and this is a righteous and prime example of one of the most desirable bullets to own in a Civil War bullet collection.

After capturing Fort Fisher, one of these guns was listed by the Yankees in the inventory:

This was an ideal weapon for repelling a mass infantry attack.

The bullet has the grey patina typical of these recovered in sandy soil. A couple years ago, some schmuck in Central Tennessee cast a few of these (he told me he cast "6 or 20" so this is not heresay), but those have mold seams and this one does not. I am not saying all that have mold seams are repros, but you have to be cautious with any that have recently surfaced thanks to this complication. There are more real ones than repros and he has since sold off his bullet molds so his doings are done with, at least with regards to this bullet.