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A01304 - Scarce 7" Solid Shot

Item Number: A01304

Item Title: Scarce 7" Solid Shot

Price: $225

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US/CS

Type: Cannon Ball

Size: 7 Inch (42 Pounder)

Sabot: Wood Cup (missing)

Fuse: N/A


Location Recovered: Unknown

Description:This is a real nice example of the solid shot for the 42-lber smoothbore. These guns were some of the biggest in use at the start of the American Civil War and many of them got rifled and banded. But a few were found in forts or on boats and still fired the smoothbore projectiles.

Iron is real solid with only a little ground action. The seam is faint on most of the projectile but it is distinct on one side. Every cannon ball collection should have one of these. They aren't real easy to get.

Projectile is inert, cleaned and coated.

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