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Just listed a bunch of cartridges with more to come soon.

If you do not hear from us within an hour of trying to buy something using the "buy it now" buttons, please email one or both of us. We continue to have some sporadic issues with orders from the website.

A01287 - Rarity 10 6.4in Tredegar shell

Item Number: A01287

Item Title: Rarity 10 6.4in Tredegar shell

Price: $650

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Type: Tredegar shell

Size: 6.4in

Sabot: Lead band (missing as usual)

Fuse: CS watercap fuse adapter

Jack Bell Page 442

Location Recovered: Likely Charleston, SC

Description:The Confederate Tredegar shells are exceedingly rare and desirable shells. I am not aware of us ever having one for sale before.

This one has a perfect CS watercap fuse in it. Shell has pitting around the nose or otherwise this would be a $2500+ shell.

I just reduced the price for the second time. I am going to give it a week at this low price, then take it off the market and either clean it up or section it.

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