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A01255 - Shiloh area battlefield pick up artillery bucket

Item Number: A01255

Item Title: Shiloh area battlefield pick up artillery bucket

Price: $450

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US/CS






Location Recovered: Shiloh area

Description:Water bucket that "saw the elephant" in the fighting around Shiloh. This came out of a creek near the battlefield that is not on park property but close.

The water bucket is from an old time collection. Carl and I went to this young man's house in Atlanta who had inherited quite a Civil War collection from his Dad, but junior was much more interested in The Grateful Dead than relics. Us being even stupider, we passed on the rare Dickson Nelson rifle and such and got a bunch of cool dug relics worth a small fraction of what the one gun was worth.

A couple more details will be provided to the acquirer.

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