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Going to start listing some things now that my move is over and my PC is back set up. Still haven't found my charging cords to my cameras so using crummy cell phone photos, but will try to get a few things up and running.

A01241 - 1842 Dated N.P. Ames Model 1841 Cannon

Item Number: A01241

Item Title: 1842 Dated N.P. Ames Model 1841 Cannon

Price: 60,000

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US/CS






Location Recovered:

Description:This terrific cannon is back available on the market! It is now in Virginia, but the fellow who acquired it quickly tired of being in the doghouse with his wife so asked me to relist it for him. The price is down $5,000 which is a small price to pay for marital harmony! Additionally, the buyer can pay over time to ease the pinch. It is in a great location now thar is very secure.

That makes this a screaming bargain, but save us a lot of time and make sure your significant other is ok with you getting it before we move it into your place.

The Model 1841 6-Pounder Field Gun was used in both the Mexican-American War and the American Civil War. More than 850 of these field guns were accepted by the U.S. government by 1862. The Model 1841 6-Pounders were critically important to the American victory at the Battle of Buena Vista against superior numbers. Artillery under future Confederate general Captain Braxton Bragg was ordered to fire double canister shot by General Zachary Taylor who reportedly called out: "double shot your guns and give 'em hell."

By the time of the Civil War, newer artillery had been adopted such as the Model 1857 Napoleon 12-Pounder Field Gun as well as howitzers. Union forces largely used the newer artillery, but Confederate artillery units continued to rely on many of the older guns throughout the war. The tube is marked "US" on top by the trunnions, and the latter are marked "N.P. AMES/FOUNDER/SPRINGFIELD/MASS." (right) and "1842" (left). The bore is approximately 3.67 inches wide at the muzzle and 57 1/2 inches in length. It is mounted on a Paulson Bros. Ordnance reproduction carriage with accoutrements.

This cannon was featured prominently in the December 2019 issue of The Artilleryman with several pages of photos and text.

With the arrangements made for its temporary storage, payment over an extended period is possible, making this a uniquely affordable opportunity to acquire an iconic gun.

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