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A01221 - Really Nice Read Shell With Removable Fuse

Item Number: A01221

Item Title: Really Nice Read Shell With Removable Fuse

Price: $285 or $335

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Type: Read

Size: 10 Pounder (2.9 Inch Caliber)

Sabot: Copper Ring

Fuse: CS Copper Time Fuse Adapter


Location Recovered: Atlanta, GA Area

Description:This is the tall smooth sided Read shell that is so Confederate that you can hear Dixie if you put your ear up close. The sabot is copper and you can see the lathe marks on the inside and outside. Even with all this lathing it is still pretty thick. This is the high convex type that was cast deep into the shell. You can see one of the dimples hammered into it to keep it from slipping. There is a nice air bubble in the base seen often in southern iron. Also on the nose is the mark of the lathe lug that was knocked off at manufacture. This shell body was threaded for the CS copper fuse adapter. It was missing when I got this shell but the threads were good so I chased them with a tap. You can buy it without the fuse to possibly insert your own or for $50 more you can get the one shown in the last image which screws in nicely and has wonderful greenish patina. The shell body has excellent iron with no pitting or much ground action at all. It is much better than most shells and your sure to like the condition. But it does have that other trait common with the CS rifled Read projectiles in that the base often chips. This one has chipped about 80% of the way around so you can clearly see the sabot construction. The shell stands nicely on its own with a slight tilt. All in all a real good shell for the money that oozes Confederate.

Shell is inert, cleaned and coated.

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