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A01186 - Schenkl For 4.5 Inch Seige Guns

Item Number: A01186

Item Title: Schenkl For 4.5 Inch Seige Guns

Price: $490

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Schenkl

Size: 4.5 Inch Caliber

Sabot: Paper Mache (missing)

Fuse: Schenkl Percussioni

Book: Dickey and George (1993 Edition) Page 366

Location Recovered: Unknown

Description:This rarity 6 shell is mostly found in Petersburg and Atlanta. A few have been found at a couple other places. They are the beginning of the very desirable "big Schenkls" that everyone wants much like Hotchkiss over the 30-lber (4.2") size.

This shell has very solid iron and could clean up a bit more. Plus the polyurethane is thick and shiny. The oversized knob on the tail and the saw tooth ratchets are crisp. If I get around to cleaning it the price will go up as it will be a nicer example. While it displays nicely as is this would be a good easy project for someone. The fuse is the army dated example. There are some bangs on the fuse and a small drill hole for disarming down the center but the date is intact and clear.

These shells when extremely nice sell upwards of $800 or more. This is a chance to get a pretty good one for much less.

The shell is disarmed, somewhat cleaned and is coated.

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