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Hard to believe but I think our next show will be the Ohio Show in Mansfield on the first weekend of of May. Carl picked up some goodies at Vicksburg so hopefully we'll get them listed soon.

A01149 - Uncommon 30 Pounder Brooke Shell
Sorry, this item is no longer available!

Item Number: A01149

Item Title: Uncommon 30 Pounder Brooke Shell

Price: $950

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Type: Brooke shell

Size: 30 Pounder (4.2 Inch Caliber)

Sabot: Copper Racheted Disk

Fuse: CS Copper Time Fuse Adapter

Jack Bell Page 157

Location Recovered: Unknown; Probably Peteresburg Area

Description:Most every Civil War collector who has read much or been to some shows is aware of Commander John Brooke. His cannon's armed many Confederate boats and forts in defense of the Union invasion. They have a very distinctive slant hook rifling rather than the lands-n-grooves found in most large cannon. In addition, he designed artillery rounds that come in a variety of calibers and profiles in the larger calibers (6.4" and larger). But far less common are rounds for the field artillery calibers. This example for sale is for the 30-lber CS Parrott rifle though it would fire just fine from the US rifle version. They are very hard to come by. We have only had a few over the years and Jack Bell rates this a rarity 8 in Jack Bell's Heavy Explosive Ordnance book.

Most 30-lber Brooke shells are found around the Petersburg and Richmond battle lines with the bulk on the north and south ends of Petersburg. That is likely where this shell is from but that is not known. These shells are quite tall at nearly 13 inches and display quite nicely. This shell has a very nice CS Time Fuse adapter in it. The iron body is very solid showing some ground action but displaying fine. The signature aspect of a Brooke shell is the ratcheted disk sabot held on by a large bolt through the center into the shell bottom. The sabot is prevented from slipping by the sloping ratchets radiating out from the center bolt hole in the shell base that fits matching ratchets in the sabot. It seemed to work very well and, unlike the large calibers, most held their sabots when fired. You can clearly see the hammer marks on the bottom where the sabot was fitted tight in the factory.

This is a good one to pick up. It is as Confederate as they come joining he ranks of the Archer and Polygonal cavity as being distinctively CS.

Shell is inert, cleaned and coated.