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A01126 - Rare Prototype Schenkl
Sorry, this item is no longer available!

Item Number: A01126

Item Title: Rare Prototype Schenkl

Price: $625

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Schenkl Shell

Size: 3.67 Inch (For Rifled 6-lber)

Sabot: Paper Mache (Missing)

Fuse: Unmarked Schenkl Percussion (Missing)

Book: Dickey and George (1993 Edition) Page 306
Melton and Pawl (Paperback Editon) Page 77 A-12

Location Recovered: Unknown

Description:Schenkl shells come in quite a number of varieties and sizes. They are very distinctive in shape and thus very popular among collectors. The tapered tail can be found with both ribs or grooves to keep the paper mache sabot from slipping. Most Schenkls have a Schenkl percussion fuse to facilitate detonation.

This particular example is an early model produced in very limited quantities. A few have been found at Vicksburg and Shiloh with most coming from Port Hudson. As it was either pre-war or very early war production it had not developed the more typical rounded knob seen on most models. This type is sometimes called a "pin tail Schenkl" because of the tapered tail. It is the variety with the grooves to hold the sabot.

This Schenkl is missing the fuse but has very good threads so a fuse will screw in. The last image is the shell with a fuse which is one from my collection to show that the threads are good. It is not included with the shell and is for display purposes only. The expected fuse in this shell would be an unmarked early Schenkl percussion which has the same threads as the marked ones.

The iron on this one is very good and clean. There is some loss of the polyurethane and I'll clean that up and coat it in the next day or so when I get a chance.

This is one hard to get shell in excellent shape. Don't let it get away!

Shell is inert, cleaned and coated.