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A01111 - Beautiful bronze 24pdr Coehorn mortar from Paulson Brothers Ordnance

Item Number: A01111

Item Title: Beautiful bronze 24pdr Coehorn mortar from Paulson Brothers Ordnance

Price: $4950

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Coehorn mortar

Size: 24pdr




Location Recovered:

Description:The tube was made by Paulson Brothers in the 70s. The bed was made a few years ago by Steen Cannons out of kiln dried White Oak. Steen made the tampion too. There is a ding on the top edge of the tube, shown in the photo with the Paulson logo, that was there when it was acquired by present owner. No cracks or anything though. One of the photos shows it being fired years ago when it was on a European style bed. The previous owner was the original owner and fired it back then. His son said it rings like a bell when fired.

Includes two zinc shells from Paulson molds threaded for Paulson Bros included fuse adapters.

This can be delivered within reasonable distance of the Carolinas or picked up there. Otherwise, it would have to be shipped via freight on a pallet which is doable as my own one was shipped that way to Illinois from Virginia.

This is a bargain compared to what one of these would cost now.

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