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A01102 - American 18pdr solid shot

Item Number: A01102

Item Title: American 18pdr solid shot

Price: $325

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Cannon ball

Size: 18pdr




Location Recovered: Unknown

Description:Hard to come by size shot in excellent condition.In Col. Biemick's book he has the American made 18pdr at around 17lbs and this one is just over that (& 5 1/8" dia.) The British ones are more common and heavier, being over 18lbs. This was purchased at the old Nashville Show so probably came out of the Western theatre including lower Mississippi, but I don't have specific provenance.

Has neat gas bubble imperfections in the one spot that would've been at the top during casting for venting. 18pdrs were obsolete during the American Civil War and so with that info as well as the casting flaws, it is probably War of 1812 or earlier vintage.

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