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A01094 - 10in solid shot mortar ball --- $#@!%$!!

Item Number: A01094

Item Title: 10in solid shot mortar ball --- $#@!%$!!

Price: $235

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Mortar ball

Size: 10in



Book: Jack Bell Page Unliste

Location Recovered: Unknown

Description:And in this corner, the Crusher!

This is a beast of a projectile, and I am not shipping it so you'll have to come and get it in Chicago or meet me alongside the road someplace while I dump it out and speed away.

These are actually kind of rare but they were pretty impractical as mortar balls. Unless you were the unlucky person, place or thing in the 100 square inches it decided to land on, they were pretty ineffective.

Have fun with this bad boy. Pound for piound it is cheaper than pet food. My personal attitude is summed up by Dirty Harry who said, "a man has to know his limitations."

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