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A01075 - Much less common long pattern 3in CS Broun shell

Item Number: A01075

Item Title: Much less common long pattern 3in CS Broun shell

Price: $275

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Type: Broun shell

Size: 3in

Sabot: Missing

Fuse: Wood time fuse adapter (missing)

Book: Dickey and George (1993 Edition) Page 133

Location Recovered: Petersburg area

Description:The long pattern Broun is a rarity 7+ in D&G as opposed to the short pattern which is a rarity 6, but I am telling you there are 6 or more short pattern Brouns out there for every long pattern one.

These shells were made for the 3" rifle, but later in the war with low grade iron. They also never retain their sabots in firing.

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