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A01072 - Rarity 10 CS 5.82in Tennessee sabot round nose bolt

Item Number: A01072

Item Title: Rarity 10 CS 5.82in Tennessee sabot round nose bolt

Price: $1800

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Type: Round nose bolt

Size: 24#

Sabot: Type II Tennessee sabot

Fuse: n/a

Book: Jack Bell Page 410

Location Recovered: Charleston, SC

Description:Rarity 10 projectile that is so rare that the one in the book doesn't even have a sabot on it. This one has most of its copper sabot and is in nice condition. Iron is stable.

I need to ask someone, but I think there was only one rifled 24# gun in the CS defenses of Charleston and so any rifled 24 is going to be exceptionally rare.

This shell was recovered in the Charleston area by the late Greg Craven who helped me get it several years ago. You can even see my collection tag on it.
It will go right back on the shelf if it doesn't sell, but I think it probably will even though it is admittedly expensive. I don't think anyone will ever have the chance to get as nice a one.

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