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A01064 - Rare Rare Published Mullane 24-lber Bolt
Sorry, this item is no longer available!

Item Number: A01064

Item Title: Rare Rare Published Mullane 24-lber Bolt

Price: $725

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Type: Tennessee Sabot Bolt

Size: 24 Pounder (5.82 Inch) Caliber

Sabot: Type II Copper Disk

Fuse: N/A

Book: Jack Bell Page 410

Location Recovered: Charleston, SC

Description:This is a very rare projectile and it is the one published in Jack Bell's Heavy Artillery book on page 410. Additionally this projectile was found by long time hunter Howard Aligood and was preserved by him with a nice darks smooth finish. I've checked it with a magnet and it is very strong all over so no filler was found.

An early example of the Mullane this style doesn't have bourrelets. The sabot it used was the type II with the integral pegs that fit into 3 holes in the bottom of the shell body. This bolt has a rounded nose with a nice lathe dimple. The base has all 3 holes for the sabot studs clean and the bolt hole is clean with good threads. If you found a sabot you could easily attach it. Also of note is two lathe rings at the base of the ogive.

Shell is cleaned and coated.