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A00968 - Hotchkiss Shell Complete As Dug

Item Number: A00968

Item Title: Hotchkiss Shell Complete As Dug

Price: $180

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Hotchkiss

Size: 3 Inch Caliber For Ordnance Rifle

Sabot: Lead Band

Fuse: Hotchkiss Brass Time Adapter

Book: Dickey and George (1993 Edition) Page 167
Melton and Pawl (Paperback Editon) Page 55 A-65

Location Recovered: Unknown

Description:This common Hotchkiss shell is in good condition other than a place on the cup that has popped off which his why it isn't $270. Though it still has the rust and dirt from when it was dug, it appears it would clean up quite well if so inclined. Very nice rifling from the 3-inch Ordnance Rifle clearly shows the 7 lands-n-grooves. The fuse is in good shape as well. So if you want a complete Hotchkiss for a very good price this is it. When purchased it was with the intent to use it to be able to offer some of the popular half shells. If it doesn't sell by Tuesday, 5/29/2018, I plan to cut it in half so if you want to save this piece of history from the saw you better hurry!

Shell is inert, uncleaned and uncoated.

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