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A00965 - Very nice 24-lber Cannon Ball Possibly Polygonal or Coehorn

Item Number: A00965

Item Title: Very nice 24-lber Cannon Ball Possibly Polygonal or Coehorn

Price: $190

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US/CS

Type: Cannon Ball

Size: 24 Pounder (5.82 Inch) Caliber

Sabot: Wood Cup (Missing)

Fuse: Wood Adapter (Missing)

Book: Dickey and George (1993 Edition) Page 48

Location Recovered: Unknown

Description:This is a real nice 24-lber cannon ball which uses a wood fuse adapter. The iron is very solid and fairly smooth with just a very light peppering of the surface evenly around the shell. The inside cavity is pretty clean. Due to the small fuse hole, .75 inches at the top, it may very well be a US Coehorn Mortar which is what I think it is. But this small hole also keeps me from being able to see the insides well enough to know that it is not polygonal. Either way the price is very got no matter what it is.

Shell is inert, cleaned and coated.

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