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A00935 - Schenkl 3 Inch Percussion
Sorry, this item is no longer available!

Item Number: A00935

Item Title: Schenkl 3 Inch Percussion

Price: $185

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Schenkl Shell

Size: 3 Inch

Sabot: Paper Mache (Missing)

Fuse: Schenkl Percussion


Location Recovered: Unknown

Description:First let me apologize there are no images on this shell. Due to the weather I haven't unpacked from the Franklin Show and it will be a couple days before I can get to it. I will send images if requested unless it sells. So for now the picture of the cannon in the snow falling at Kennesaw Mountain Military Park will have to suffice. :)

The 3-in Schenkl was fired from both the Parrott and Ordnance rifles. Their sabot system solved the issue of causing injury or worse to friendly troops thought it may have had the negative effect of causing some fires. Abbot shows the percussion fuse to be more effective than most fuses.

Here is another shell that is a great example for those who do not need the projectile to be perfect. The iron is a little tired on it but not deeply pitted or anything. Much of the ribs can still be seen though they are a bit rounded rather than squared. The nose iron is pretty decent. What is real nice about this shell is the fuse. It is a perfect fuse with excellent markings. I'm fighting the urge to cut the shell so I hope someone picks this up and saves the relic.

Shell is mostly cleaned, not coated and is disarmed.