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The NGRHA show in Marietta was a huge hit. It was great to see everybody. We will be listing some projectiles later this week.

A00921 - Great deal on a Read 20-lber Shell
Sorry, this item is no longer available!

Item Number: A00921

Item Title: Great deal on a Read 20-lber Shell

Price: $195

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Type: Read Shell

Size: 20 Pounder (3.67 Inch Caliber)

Sabot: Wrought Iron Ring

Fuse: CS Copper Time Adapter

Book: Dickey and George (1993 Edition) Page 280

Location Recovered: Petersburg, VA

Description:This is a recent pickup that is priced for a quick sale. Although this shell is uncleaned and coated over the surface rust with polyurethane it appears that it would clean up decently if you wanted with only medium ground action showing on the iron. This shell had the thin wrought iron sabot and it is mostly there unlike many you see. Fuse is in real good shape other than a small impact ding on one side but it doesn't detract at all.

It is hard to beat a decently uncommon Confederate shell for under $200.

Shell has been disarmed and coated but has not been run through electrolysis.